Sunday, May 2, 2010

apron updates

Here we are...2 days into the sew-along challenge and we have updates!

Katie has been quite busy working on modern projects, a frock to wear at her sister's graduation, and she's finished a clothes pin bag for her new line! Kudos for her rocking it old school and saving energy! In terms of her apron, she has chosen the fabric, a reddish plaid, and decided on the style. A pocketed half apron that closes on the side.

Amanda has found her apron, which was started a few months ago and laid aside. It is a yellow and off white vertical stripe. It will be a pinner style closing at the side with two buttons. She needs to attach the bib portion, and hem both that and the bottom half. After that buttons and holes will be all that is left.

For myself, i have sewn my apron by hand. It is hemmed, and gathered, just waiting for the waist band to be attached. For some reason I lost all interest in it once it reached this point. I went to move on to my second apron, only to find out I don't have enough of the fabric I had chosen. Back to the storage container it will go, and I will most likely pick another. In the interim I have been working on adjusting the white voile I made last fall. I made it in a week for my sister to wear to a ball. It was 2 inches too long in the bodice, and several inches too short in the skirt. I've adjusted both, and am working on re-hemming it currently. After the hem is set I will reset the bodice to the skirt. I know that is working backwards, but one must work with what motivation they have. I'm truly hoping to finish these both in a day or so, and also work on a couple petticoats.
Goodnight my lovelies!

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