Sunday, March 21, 2010


We received the draft for the new septic (yea!)...unfortunately it was drafted for a 4 bedroom house (boo!).
This house is 3 stories tall, and is listed as a 6 bedroom. Once the remodel is over, it could potentially have 7 or 8 bedrooms!
Our realtor and real estate attorney have just been wonderful, and they are able to do something we aren't. Be nice! I've pretty much hit my tolerance level with these folks, and they're planning on being our neighbors! They have plans to build a ranch across the street from us.
Ugh...I know I need to find a way to like these folks, but they've been pulling our legs about so much. They just keep dragging their feet, and putting off what needs to be done! Oh well, I will stop complaining and show you a photo of somewhere near by where the septic should someday be installed.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

a quick update

We still have no house, but there is forward momentum in the buying process. I won't bore you with the details, because they are quite confusing and technical.
I started a new part time job, cleaning stalls at a breeding farm. It's over an hour away from where I am now (at the in-laws home), and I only work about 3 hours a day Monday through Friday. I love it, but it's a bit of a commute! I'm hoping that we get the house soon (I'd pray for it, but there are many more important things to pray about). Once we get the new house, I'll be about 30 minutes away, what a difference!
I haven't done any sewing lately, and haven't gotten copies of the photos from the last bit of sewing, so I don't have much to post about on that front. Oh, and I have no clue where my camera is...actually I'm certain its packed somewhere...I just have no clue where!
So let me go back and see if I can find a pretty house photo to post...okay, this is second floor room. While we are doing the major revamp on the first floor ( new ceiling in the dining room, new floor in the kitchen and bathroom, new paint, wallpaper and drywall, etc.) this room will serve as our living room. Later on in life, it will probably serve as a bedroom. I don't care for the ceiling fan or the wallpaper, so those may go sooner than expected!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

moving is haunting me!

The last of our things residing in the Midwest are getting packed into the truck tonight and tomorrow. We'll be making the trip nonstop out to Massachusetts as soon as the horses are loaded. Unfortunately we still haven't closed on the house. The horses are going into a paddock up the road from my husband's parents home (where we will be staying), and the cat is staying at his brother's house.
This entire three month experience has my nerves completely frazzled. I've been on the brink of tears for weeks, haven't been sleeping, and also have been having nightmares. I just want this all resolved! The earliest we could close is the day my husband goes back on tour!
That means I will have to handle all the moving in by myself...ugh. My in-laws have all graciously volunteered to help, but ah! Living in our home by myself for a month and a half before my husband can join me? Intimidating! I'm supposed to be finishing up my packing and getting ready for a family dinner. I feel frozen! This is it! I'm leaving my friends and family and won't see them for months! Well before I make myself cry I'm going to try to finish packing.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I have five followers! Wow how crazy is that! I'm still waiting for pictures from Amanda for my sewing update, but on the horse front I've had two side saddle lessons and love it! We're making the final move to Massachusetts on Thursday so no more lessons for awhile :(

Monday, March 8, 2010

a little modern sewing

My husband is a full-time traveling sound engineer for the band Honor Society. He spends lots and lots of time on tour buses. I've started the habit of making him new pajama pants for each new tour. Last time it was light cotton sail boat printed jammies. This time it's brown and teal plaid flannel.

In the last week my friends and I did quite a bit of sewing. I'll be posting about that soon!