Thursday, April 29, 2010

sew along schedule

Alright, we have a lot to get done in time for reenacting season, and I like here we go.

Week 1 ~ aprons
Week 2 ~ slat/corded bonnet
Week 3 ~ skirt and waist band portions of work dress
Week 4 ~ bodice and sleeve portions of work dress
Week 5 ~ work petticoats
Week 6 ~ collar, cuffs, and neckerchief
Week 7 ~ additional drawers, and chemises
Week 8 ~ nightgown
Week 9 ~ wrapper part 1
Week 10 ~ wrapper part 2
Week 11 ~ coat
Week 12 ~ mattress tick and toiletry bag
Week 13 ~ travel bag of your choice
Week 14 ~ morning cap

If anyone else wants to join in on this, even if it's only for specific projects, or a couple weeks. Feel free to add me, or comment and I'll send you my email address so your comments can be added to the blog.

sew along ideas

The girls and I are going to do a sew along. Each week we will have one project to make. If it's a big project we may break it into steps, and do one step a week. Our weeks will go Friday-Friday, so that each project will be done in time for said person to leave for the reenactment on the weekend. Tomorrow we start aprons. It's up to the individual as to what style apron to make. My goal is to finish one half apron I started and also start and finish another half apron. I'm working on using up my massive stash of fabric, so both are blue plaids, but completely different fabrics. They will close at the waist with two china buttons, and will be made with two widths of fabric gauged and set on the waistband. I'll be updating this blog with our thoughts and gripes on these aprons. I'll also be working on my other projects, and searching for my camera through all of this. Hopefully photos soon...even if it's of the other girl's projects.

Friday, April 23, 2010

My life

Is bipolar. This morning I was mucking stalls and now I'm at a live MTV show where my husband is mixing sound for Honor SocietY

Thursday, April 22, 2010

lacking motivation

Hey all,
I'm seriously lacking motivation. Although my body has stopped aching from work, getting up early and driving an hour still is kicking my butt. I spent 28 hours last weekend in NYC with my husband, and it was a whirlwind of riding hours in my truck, cabs, on trains, and even a carriage through Central Park.
I haven't gotten much sewing done due to all these excuses...I've sewn a handful of privacy petticoat seams, on machine, and done some pinning. Since it won't be visible I'm going to do a machine hem on all of these. I'd like to finish them up after the sun sets tonight. I do hate spending time inside when it's lovely out!
I'll fill you in on more later, I have a bit of hand sewing to do, and I will have some items to show off!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

still no camera

I have been working on various things, but I can't find my camera. It's packed somewhere...I hope. Along with the charger for the video camera.
We still aren't into the house, and my husband is off tour in less than a month! I so want to have the house all scrubbed down and organized for when he gets back. The place doesn't look like it's had a good scrubbing in decades! There is a ton of black nasty cobwebs, and it is just overall unkempt. I dream of being on my hands and knees with a bucket of sudsy water and a scrub brush!
I've been working on some cotton flannel petticoats. Although I don't have any documentation for patterned cotton flannel petti's, they are quite warm and much cheaper to make up than canton flannel. I've also been patterning kids clothes. My goal is to make underpinings, and outer clothes up through size 10 right now. So far I have 3 styles of dresses in 3 sizes. It was a lot of work! But oh so fun! I apologize for the lack of photos...I'm also searching for my husband's back up camera, but haven't had any luck.
Well, goodbye loverlies, I'm going to drink coffee, watch robin hood, and plant some mystery bulbs (in a pot, since I haven't got my lawn yet).