Thursday, April 29, 2010

sew along schedule

Alright, we have a lot to get done in time for reenacting season, and I like here we go.

Week 1 ~ aprons
Week 2 ~ slat/corded bonnet
Week 3 ~ skirt and waist band portions of work dress
Week 4 ~ bodice and sleeve portions of work dress
Week 5 ~ work petticoats
Week 6 ~ collar, cuffs, and neckerchief
Week 7 ~ additional drawers, and chemises
Week 8 ~ nightgown
Week 9 ~ wrapper part 1
Week 10 ~ wrapper part 2
Week 11 ~ coat
Week 12 ~ mattress tick and toiletry bag
Week 13 ~ travel bag of your choice
Week 14 ~ morning cap

If anyone else wants to join in on this, even if it's only for specific projects, or a couple weeks. Feel free to add me, or comment and I'll send you my email address so your comments can be added to the blog.

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