Sunday, April 11, 2010

still no camera

I have been working on various things, but I can't find my camera. It's packed somewhere...I hope. Along with the charger for the video camera.
We still aren't into the house, and my husband is off tour in less than a month! I so want to have the house all scrubbed down and organized for when he gets back. The place doesn't look like it's had a good scrubbing in decades! There is a ton of black nasty cobwebs, and it is just overall unkempt. I dream of being on my hands and knees with a bucket of sudsy water and a scrub brush!
I've been working on some cotton flannel petticoats. Although I don't have any documentation for patterned cotton flannel petti's, they are quite warm and much cheaper to make up than canton flannel. I've also been patterning kids clothes. My goal is to make underpinings, and outer clothes up through size 10 right now. So far I have 3 styles of dresses in 3 sizes. It was a lot of work! But oh so fun! I apologize for the lack of photos...I'm also searching for my husband's back up camera, but haven't had any luck.
Well, goodbye loverlies, I'm going to drink coffee, watch robin hood, and plant some mystery bulbs (in a pot, since I haven't got my lawn yet).

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