Sunday, March 21, 2010


We received the draft for the new septic (yea!)...unfortunately it was drafted for a 4 bedroom house (boo!).
This house is 3 stories tall, and is listed as a 6 bedroom. Once the remodel is over, it could potentially have 7 or 8 bedrooms!
Our realtor and real estate attorney have just been wonderful, and they are able to do something we aren't. Be nice! I've pretty much hit my tolerance level with these folks, and they're planning on being our neighbors! They have plans to build a ranch across the street from us.
Ugh...I know I need to find a way to like these folks, but they've been pulling our legs about so much. They just keep dragging their feet, and putting off what needs to be done! Oh well, I will stop complaining and show you a photo of somewhere near by where the septic should someday be installed.

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