Wednesday, November 4, 2009

airport ramblings

Alright, I fibbed. I didn't get around to adding photos last night. I got distracted with changing my 'greet the husband' outfit three different times, and doing last minute packing.
I'm now at the airport, and there is over an hour until my plane boards. I had planned on hitting traffic on the way, being that I was driving through three of Iowa's larger cities. I made great time, even with three stops. There was Walmart, McDonalds (the only time I buy it is when I'm flying, so I really don't feel guilty...well not too guilty) and Iowa's largest truck stop for a potty break.
I had trouble getting through security, they pulled my suitcase aside and searched it. I wasn't sure what had set it off this time, but they always check me for something ;) The guy was nice, and I told him to take his time, because I'm sure the last thing he wants to do is go digging through my unmentionables, but duty calls! He searched and searched, rescanned, and searched again. Then told me I was cleared and to have a nice day. Sitting here I realized I had forgotten to take out my ziplock bag with my bathroom liquids in it. Whoops! Guess he'd forgotten about it too, because it took him forever to figure out what he was supposed to find. Sorry Moline security department, I promise I will be better next time. Ha! He just brought me green bear, who had gotten misplaced during the searching. Honestly I still sleep with a teddy (my excuse is that I rarely share a bed with anyone) and would have cried if he'd been misplaced. Green Bear was won for me out of a vending machine by a customer of mine when I waitressed a few years ago. I take a photo of him when I get to the hotel in Orlando.
Unfortunately I don't have any decent photos of recent work, perhaps I will take some of the drawers I'm hoping to finish today, while waiting for my hubby to get in to Orlando.
Since this blog is called Saddles and Stitches, I will be talking about more than sewing I promise. I just got the curiculum and reading material for a home study course in Equine Sports Massage, so I will be updating on how that is working out. The farm I'm staying at right now has a 20-something year old quarter horse mare named Gigi. She has arthritis in her knees and a bad hock. Right now riding makes her sore, but driving actually helps her feel better. I'm curious to see if there are any massage techniques that will help alleviate her pain. On the farm there are three other horses. Simon, an Arab that looks like a typical ole mud pony; Bonesey a quirky Bask Arab, and my current war horse Peso Dios. Peso is typical of my favorite kind of horse. He has an attitude, but is more than willing to scoot when he needs to. I bought him in April of '08 and he has turned out to be a great horse. He's the father of my four year old, Quanto Dinero. Can you tell I was going through an odd naming phase? In addition to my two black arabs, I have a three year old Quarter-Arabian suprise, named Goober, who was a gift from theeDean's assistant when I was studying at Kirkwood; and the family pony Raspberry. I'm sure with time I will dedicate an article to each, but for now I'm going to leave it at this so I can crack open my massage book!
T-minus 40 minutes until my flight leaves!

Monday, November 2, 2009

getting there

With the plans of going to Florida, I'm out two day's of sewing at home. I'm planning on taking some hand sewing with to keep me busy though.
I've scaled back my list of things to do, and am getting done just what needs to be finished. The white dress(photos to come!) needs hooks and eyes, which are going in tomorrow and a hem. The dark plaid really pops against the white dress!
The berthe is on the pink and green silk, all that is left is attaching the bodice to the skirt, and I think I will add flowers to the berthe and possibly the skirt.
I'm cutting out the first pair of real men's drawers, and doing the three main seams by machine tomorrow morning. These are made out of heavy duty cotton, and will be cut off below his knees, per his request. The will have two china buttons, and cotton tape running through the hand sewn grommets to tighten them a bit in back.
for hand sewing I have the three petticoats that need hems. I think I may have been off on my math, babysitting will do that to my math skills I guess, so I may have to do a very narrow hem on them. If that's the case, I may do the bottom two by machine. The drawers need a waistband attached, and everything needs buttons and holes.
I also started a headdress that I'd like to finish before the ball. It's green silk ribbon, that will be pleated and goodness only knows what else.
I gifted my black ballet flats to my friend, Katie, because they'd stretched out and I was walking out of them. I couldn't imagine trying to dance in them. Now the hunt is on for something black, flat, matte, and affordable! I had considered making shoes, but alas, no time.
I will try to update again tonight with photos now that everything is coming together nicely! Off to finish packing. I will be in Orlando in 24 hours!