Monday, November 2, 2009

getting there

With the plans of going to Florida, I'm out two day's of sewing at home. I'm planning on taking some hand sewing with to keep me busy though.
I've scaled back my list of things to do, and am getting done just what needs to be finished. The white dress(photos to come!) needs hooks and eyes, which are going in tomorrow and a hem. The dark plaid really pops against the white dress!
The berthe is on the pink and green silk, all that is left is attaching the bodice to the skirt, and I think I will add flowers to the berthe and possibly the skirt.
I'm cutting out the first pair of real men's drawers, and doing the three main seams by machine tomorrow morning. These are made out of heavy duty cotton, and will be cut off below his knees, per his request. The will have two china buttons, and cotton tape running through the hand sewn grommets to tighten them a bit in back.
for hand sewing I have the three petticoats that need hems. I think I may have been off on my math, babysitting will do that to my math skills I guess, so I may have to do a very narrow hem on them. If that's the case, I may do the bottom two by machine. The drawers need a waistband attached, and everything needs buttons and holes.
I also started a headdress that I'd like to finish before the ball. It's green silk ribbon, that will be pleated and goodness only knows what else.
I gifted my black ballet flats to my friend, Katie, because they'd stretched out and I was walking out of them. I couldn't imagine trying to dance in them. Now the hunt is on for something black, flat, matte, and affordable! I had considered making shoes, but alas, no time.
I will try to update again tonight with photos now that everything is coming together nicely! Off to finish packing. I will be in Orlando in 24 hours!

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