Sunday, May 30, 2010

You will be missed...

Well dang. One thing that has been in the back of my mind for almost 2 years now was my friend, Sue Ham's, battle with cancer. She had a very rare form of leukemia, and I had even quit my job to stay with them for a short time to help out while she was out of the hospital. Today she left this world, and moved on to a much better one. I hope she finds the peace today that she has been searching for. My heart goes out to her husband, children, and grand children.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

a sleepy update

I'm about off to bed's 10 o'clock and I'm whooped. The bonnet is still in the same state it was when I put it down last night, it only needs about 30 minutes worth of hand sewing but...I'm so sleepy. I hemmed the work dress skirt and after 4 unsuccessful tries I gauged the waist band. It got to be so frustrating! My toile is now completely fitted, patterned onto paper, scanned into the computer, and emailed to Katie! That was my last big task for the night. I might be driving a racehorse to the track in Boston after I work tomorrow. I normally don't work on the weekend, but the weekend girl has a wedding to go to. If I don't end up making the trip to Boston tomorrow I'll get the bodice cut out, and with the lining already cut I will hopefully get the basic bodice put together, and possibly get the waistband assembled. I'm still not 100% sure what style sleeves I'll be doing for this dress. I'm hoping to have the whole thing, minus closures, finished on Monday. Tuesday I will get the closures out of storage, along with my work petticoat fabric, and hopefully get photos up by Wednesday. Well I'm off to shower!
Good night!

a mini update

We're all making quite a bit of progess! Amanda has her skirt panels sewn together, Katie has hers sewn together and gauged at the top, my cording is done on the bonnet, and all I have left are two seams and putting the ties on. I'm currently pinning the hem in. I needed a big fast project to feel accomplished. And accomplished I feel, although I also feel distracted. Hopefully I can get myself to focus today!
hugs to all!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

still ploding along

We're all working hard on getting everything done.
Both Amanda and Katie have finished their slat bonnets, and both are having computer trouble. Hence us all still waiting to see their loverly creations. I'm still cording...I have ten more rows to go, and can't wait to be finished with it! We're all also working on our work skirts currently, and planning our work petticoats and deciding sleeve styles for our bodices. We're all on facebook and I wanted to share a funny ramble that we had going this week. Please ignore the bad grammar!

Katie Hoffmann ~ Got my bonnet cut :) I'm making progress!! Pinning it to the bed works great! **Hoping i don't cut my quilt** :

Jennifer Lee Wildermuth
Take the quilt off silly! Good job u!

Katie Hoffmann
Lol i just made the bed tho!!!!!

Amanda Schwartz
Haha we all need seperate sewin rooms

Jennifer Lee Wildermuth
Are you sewing by hand or machine?

Katie Hoffmann
i'm cheatin... hidden stitches r machined... i tried by hand but after my day i decided against it.... still need my hand for tomorrow!

Jennifer Lee Wildermuth
I think that it would b fine 2 do everything but the hem by machine bc this is workwear not dressy clothes

Katie Hoffmann
I gave up.... damn thing was bound and determined to b inside out!! grrrr.... back at'er tomorrow!

Jennifer Lee Wildermuth
im sure once u look @ it with fresh eyes it will go together quick!

Amanda Schwartz
Just thnk how easy the 2nd 1 will b

Jennifer Lee Wildermuth
i think u 2 should do corded bonnets instead of a 2nd slat that way we can do prewar events!

Amanda Schwartz
O jeez okay but isnt that what is takin 2 4 ever?

Jennifer Lee Wildermuth
ya but its one of those little projects u can do infront of the tv or @ events. its easy just time consuming

Amanda Schwartz
Good point

Katie Hoffmann
lol i'm up for it :)

Jennifer Lee Wildermuth
Haha we still have 10 weeks left of projects. after that maybe we will start another one with more people? or maybe we can all make loaner gear

Amanda Schwartz
Okay and 10 weeks?

Jennifer Lee Wildermuth
haha yup 10 weeks left. Provided we all get in gear and start catching up on our projects. This week we were supposed to be finishing work bodices.
Week 5 ~ work petticoats
Week 6 ~ collar, cuffs, and neckerchief
Week 7 ~ additional drawers, and chemises
Week 8 ~ nightgown... See More
Week 9 ~ wrapper part 1
Week 10 ~ wrapper part 2
Week 11 ~ coat
Week 12 ~ mattress tick and toiletry bag
Week 13 ~ travel bag of your choice
Week 14 ~ morning cap
Blame Katie, she kept giving me ideas.

Amanda Schwartz
Katie u better watch urself

Jennifer Lee Wildermuth
haha cuz we're making brat learn to sew!

Amanda Schwartz
Yes and i dnt have alot of time

Katie Hoffmann
Me either!!!!

Amanda Schwartz
Ya so its hard not 2 fall behind

Katie Hoffmann
Yea... Ohwell. We'll get there!!!!!!! B positive!!
lol I missed some of the conversation.... i was busy!! lol... poor brat... you'll get over it. I'm handicapped remember!? lol. You'll b fine!! And my darling jenny, you ASKED ME for ideas!!! lol :) I love you tho!!

Jennifer Lee Wildermuth
but i had 13 weeks of projects and im too superstitious to end on that its for our own good! besides, some of the projects are easy and small!

Amanda Schwartz
So brat equals new life...SEWING hahaha

Jennifer Lee Wildermuth
If it makes you feel better i bought new nail polish before we started this crazy project and i still havent had time to use it ---------- Sent from AT&T's Wireless network using Mobile Email

Amanda Schwartz
Haha so lol do u usualy wear nail polish

Jennifer Lee Wildermuth
Not in the summer cuz of reenacting but since my schedule is open i was hoping 2 give it a chance

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Week 2 and 3 sew along challenges

Okay...our sew along challenges have hit a couple snags. My excuse is that my husband is home after 2 months on the road, so I've been spending some time with him for a change. Katie broke her thumb and went to Colorado to see her sister graduate from college (congrats Mary!), Amanda had prom and her 18th birthday party. So although we've tried to stay on hasn't exactly happened.

Amanda has her bonnet cut out, and will hopefully be completing it soon, and then moving on to her work dress skirt. Her bonnet is a micro-check lime green and white. I bought it and ended up passing it on to's super pretty. Her work dress is a brown plaid, I think. Again it's some fabric I passed on to her, but I only owned it for a day before she snatched it up.

Katie has her fabrics picked out, and tonight is going to try a new way to cut her fabric. Poor thing has had 2 casts already, and a lot of pain. She has had major difficulties cutting, but we've been brain storming and hopefully we came up with a new solution that will work for her. Her bonnet is going to made from a white cotton with blue flowers, and her dress is a pretty green with a polka dotty print.

My bonnet fabric is a semi-sheer pastel plaid made from green, white, purple, blue, and orange. My dress is orange with yellow flowers. I'm hand stitching the cords into the bonnet, and have the skirt panels sewn together.

Hopefully I'll get more accomplished today, but I have to go to storage to get my corset, and draft a new pattern. I think I've lost weight again, so a new toile is necessary.
I'm also scanning my patterns and emailing them to Amanda and Katie so they can have a general pattern to work off of, and tweak for themselves. We're lucky that we're all about the same size!

On a random note, here are a couple pictures of some of the things I have accomplished. For more images check out my etsy account, I'm too lazy to upload a bunch of photos today.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Week 1 Sew Along Challenge

We all finished our aprons by last night! We all get gold stars for finishing the project! I'm so proud of the girls because they have a lot going on in their everyday lives, and sometimes it can be hard to fit sewing in to the schedule.
This week starts the sun bonnet week. Choice of slatted or corded, so hopefully there will be some interesting differences in them. I didn't get to the shop to get into my fabric stash before it closed. So instead this weekend I am working on finishing all my half worked projects that I have in my room. There are close to ten petticoats of various sizes that need hems and waistbands, the white voile, a child's dress that needs sleeves set in, men's drawers, and possibly a couple women's drawers as well. I'll keep you updated on all of our projects, and hopefully get photos up soon!
love to all!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

apron updates part 2

Okay so some how my apron ended up being the length of a skirt, so I cut a bunch off, and then thought that it was too short. It's okay...but not perfect. Again, I'm glad this is for the loaner gear. I never got around to picking out new fabric because it's been too nice to sew during the day. We're supposed to have thunder storms tomorrow, so hopefully I can get down to the shop and find new fabric for my second apron. I've made my final decisions on what it's going to be. Right in the middle of the project is when I should have decided, right? LOL Anyways it's going to have slash pockets, because I just learned of them! I haven't found photo documentation online yet, but once I do I will post a picture.

Last I heard from Amanda she was almost done hemming the bottom of her apron, but still needed to attach and hem the bib portion. If she doesn't get that done, at least she will still have an apron!

Katie has her apron cut out, but got moving on making a tunic for her son for this weekend. I'm confident she will get it all done, as we have done lots of last minute sewing and she has Friday off work.

2 days left until the next project, and I can't wait!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

apron updates

Here we are...2 days into the sew-along challenge and we have updates!

Katie has been quite busy working on modern projects, a frock to wear at her sister's graduation, and she's finished a clothes pin bag for her new line! Kudos for her rocking it old school and saving energy! In terms of her apron, she has chosen the fabric, a reddish plaid, and decided on the style. A pocketed half apron that closes on the side.

Amanda has found her apron, which was started a few months ago and laid aside. It is a yellow and off white vertical stripe. It will be a pinner style closing at the side with two buttons. She needs to attach the bib portion, and hem both that and the bottom half. After that buttons and holes will be all that is left.

For myself, i have sewn my apron by hand. It is hemmed, and gathered, just waiting for the waist band to be attached. For some reason I lost all interest in it once it reached this point. I went to move on to my second apron, only to find out I don't have enough of the fabric I had chosen. Back to the storage container it will go, and I will most likely pick another. In the interim I have been working on adjusting the white voile I made last fall. I made it in a week for my sister to wear to a ball. It was 2 inches too long in the bodice, and several inches too short in the skirt. I've adjusted both, and am working on re-hemming it currently. After the hem is set I will reset the bodice to the skirt. I know that is working backwards, but one must work with what motivation they have. I'm truly hoping to finish these both in a day or so, and also work on a couple petticoats.
Goodnight my lovelies!