Saturday, May 8, 2010

Week 1 Sew Along Challenge

We all finished our aprons by last night! We all get gold stars for finishing the project! I'm so proud of the girls because they have a lot going on in their everyday lives, and sometimes it can be hard to fit sewing in to the schedule.
This week starts the sun bonnet week. Choice of slatted or corded, so hopefully there will be some interesting differences in them. I didn't get to the shop to get into my fabric stash before it closed. So instead this weekend I am working on finishing all my half worked projects that I have in my room. There are close to ten petticoats of various sizes that need hems and waistbands, the white voile, a child's dress that needs sleeves set in, men's drawers, and possibly a couple women's drawers as well. I'll keep you updated on all of our projects, and hopefully get photos up soon!
love to all!

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