Sunday, May 23, 2010

Week 2 and 3 sew along challenges

Okay...our sew along challenges have hit a couple snags. My excuse is that my husband is home after 2 months on the road, so I've been spending some time with him for a change. Katie broke her thumb and went to Colorado to see her sister graduate from college (congrats Mary!), Amanda had prom and her 18th birthday party. So although we've tried to stay on hasn't exactly happened.

Amanda has her bonnet cut out, and will hopefully be completing it soon, and then moving on to her work dress skirt. Her bonnet is a micro-check lime green and white. I bought it and ended up passing it on to's super pretty. Her work dress is a brown plaid, I think. Again it's some fabric I passed on to her, but I only owned it for a day before she snatched it up.

Katie has her fabrics picked out, and tonight is going to try a new way to cut her fabric. Poor thing has had 2 casts already, and a lot of pain. She has had major difficulties cutting, but we've been brain storming and hopefully we came up with a new solution that will work for her. Her bonnet is going to made from a white cotton with blue flowers, and her dress is a pretty green with a polka dotty print.

My bonnet fabric is a semi-sheer pastel plaid made from green, white, purple, blue, and orange. My dress is orange with yellow flowers. I'm hand stitching the cords into the bonnet, and have the skirt panels sewn together.

Hopefully I'll get more accomplished today, but I have to go to storage to get my corset, and draft a new pattern. I think I've lost weight again, so a new toile is necessary.
I'm also scanning my patterns and emailing them to Amanda and Katie so they can have a general pattern to work off of, and tweak for themselves. We're lucky that we're all about the same size!

On a random note, here are a couple pictures of some of the things I have accomplished. For more images check out my etsy account, I'm too lazy to upload a bunch of photos today.


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