Tuesday, July 27, 2010

i tried to post

I really did, but my computer froze, then we moved beds around, then I chopped down two small apple tress that were shorting out the fence, dinner, and then put the horses to bed. Now it's my turn. I promise, I have 3 posts with pictures coming!!!
P.S. I apologize profusely for the run-on sentence, and any misspelled words. I am very sleepy. Good night blog world.

Monday, July 26, 2010

i'm here, i promise!

I'm here, but oh so busy! I've been trying to sew...mostly unsuccessfully. We've been scrubbing mostly. The house was left very dirty, in fact I keep my barn cleaner than they kept their house. But, that is enough negativity.
We've got the 2nd floor where we're mostly living almost clean, just one room left to scrub vacuum, and wipe down.
Peter and I finished fencing in a new section of pasture, and a farmer neighbor offered to bale part of our field for $2 a bale! I'm super stocked about that, since hay prices are around $5 a bale out here.
Peter and his brother, Kurt, worked very hard and got an eyesore of an old antenna off the roof this week. I'll post pictures of that, and the crazy stunts they pulled to accomplish it later this week.
Our most exciting news is that we discovered we have our own little beach. Our property is bordered by a small river and a creek on two sides. Where the two water bodies intersect is a nice beach made up of ground up Goshen stone. The stone is very soft and the size of grains of sand, but black and gray. It also happens to be by a stand of trees. We eventually want to set up a picnic area, and groom the beach and deepen the water a bit as well. Photos of that to come as well. It's quite a bit past my bed time, so good night all!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

i dislike fencing with a passion

I've spent two days working on the fencing at the new pasture. The ground I have to fence on is close to solid rock. Really hard rock. I hurt my shoulder, but hopefully it will be better in the morning. I'm moving the ponies in tomorrow, which means I'm moving in as well! I'm a little nervous because we still don't have a land line, and our cell phone carrier doesn't have service down in our valley. I'll survive I suppose, and as soon as I can get service, and internet! I'm getting super stoked about fixing the house up. I've picked a wall color for the kitchen, and wallpaper for the formal dining room. It's all so exciting! Here is a photo of the kitchen, the furniture isn't ours though.

Friday, July 2, 2010

i've been moving in

and I'm whooped. I still have fencing to put back in, that was ripped out when the new septic was put in, and a bit more moving. I'm absolutely exhausted. Sorry about the lack of pictures, everything is taking way more time and energy than I thought it would. Oh, how I wish my husband was home! 17 days! I miss him so much right now.