Thursday, April 16, 2015

Camping recap, days 2 and 3.

Rain coats are fun, but only for so long.

However, the sun came out early enough to start on laundry.

And, it warm enough to kick off boots while swinging.

First load of hand washed and line dried clothes.

The shower nears completion!
Day 2 started off wet and chilly, but quickly turned into a lovely day.  Our first entire day outside, and boy were we tired when it was over!
Day 3 we hit up our Wednesday play group and ran to the local raw dairy farm for milk and cream.  It was a cold night with a thick layer of frost on the ground, but we were surprisingly warm and snug under our wool blankets. 
We needed butter, but boy does it take longer without my mixer.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Camping...for a month Day 1

We're getting work done to fix the chipping and peeling lead paint problem in our house. Again.  I"m not even going to get into the problems we had with last year's contractor.  Onwards and upwards, right? So we needed to move out for another month.  With all the work to be done around the farm in the Spring we crazily decided to camp in the back yard rather than rent or stay somewhere else. I finally have the laptop up and charging, and as long as I don't shift it at all I think I can give you all a visual of what our life is like.
First morning, "camping is fun!"

The kitchen

All set up!

Might not be pretty, but everything is in!

Braeden's 'nook'

The storage corner

First day faces