Wednesday, May 5, 2010

apron updates part 2

Okay so some how my apron ended up being the length of a skirt, so I cut a bunch off, and then thought that it was too short. It's okay...but not perfect. Again, I'm glad this is for the loaner gear. I never got around to picking out new fabric because it's been too nice to sew during the day. We're supposed to have thunder storms tomorrow, so hopefully I can get down to the shop and find new fabric for my second apron. I've made my final decisions on what it's going to be. Right in the middle of the project is when I should have decided, right? LOL Anyways it's going to have slash pockets, because I just learned of them! I haven't found photo documentation online yet, but once I do I will post a picture.

Last I heard from Amanda she was almost done hemming the bottom of her apron, but still needed to attach and hem the bib portion. If she doesn't get that done, at least she will still have an apron!

Katie has her apron cut out, but got moving on making a tunic for her son for this weekend. I'm confident she will get it all done, as we have done lots of last minute sewing and she has Friday off work.

2 days left until the next project, and I can't wait!!!

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