Wednesday, March 10, 2010

moving is haunting me!

The last of our things residing in the Midwest are getting packed into the truck tonight and tomorrow. We'll be making the trip nonstop out to Massachusetts as soon as the horses are loaded. Unfortunately we still haven't closed on the house. The horses are going into a paddock up the road from my husband's parents home (where we will be staying), and the cat is staying at his brother's house.
This entire three month experience has my nerves completely frazzled. I've been on the brink of tears for weeks, haven't been sleeping, and also have been having nightmares. I just want this all resolved! The earliest we could close is the day my husband goes back on tour!
That means I will have to handle all the moving in by myself...ugh. My in-laws have all graciously volunteered to help, but ah! Living in our home by myself for a month and a half before my husband can join me? Intimidating! I'm supposed to be finishing up my packing and getting ready for a family dinner. I feel frozen! This is it! I'm leaving my friends and family and won't see them for months! Well before I make myself cry I'm going to try to finish packing.

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