Thursday, April 29, 2010

sew along ideas

The girls and I are going to do a sew along. Each week we will have one project to make. If it's a big project we may break it into steps, and do one step a week. Our weeks will go Friday-Friday, so that each project will be done in time for said person to leave for the reenactment on the weekend. Tomorrow we start aprons. It's up to the individual as to what style apron to make. My goal is to finish one half apron I started and also start and finish another half apron. I'm working on using up my massive stash of fabric, so both are blue plaids, but completely different fabrics. They will close at the waist with two china buttons, and will be made with two widths of fabric gauged and set on the waistband. I'll be updating this blog with our thoughts and gripes on these aprons. I'll also be working on my other projects, and searching for my camera through all of this. Hopefully photos soon...even if it's of the other girl's projects.

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