Saturday, February 22, 2014

movin' on out

We're in the final stages of moving out, so work can get accomplished on our house (for  more details see: The House that Apollos Built).  It's crazy, and hectic, and nuts, and you probably get the point by now. What would make it even more stressful? A huge custom order. 
I've been working on expanding the tiny bit of sewing for profit that I do.  In fact, I even set a monetary goal for myself, for the year.  $365, or one dollar a day.  So far, I'm no where near that goal.  In steps my friend's husband.  With a request for alterations on his uniform, 2 undershirts, and 2 new coats for his reenacting hobby.  I'm excited, and nervous at the same time.  Honestly, I think I'm more nervous about getting this order right for him, than when I sewed her wedding dress!
Back to the moving out topic.  We're trying to keep the amount we take with us minimal.  Then this order comes in, on top of the work I had planned on doing while we were staying at my in-laws.  So now I'm bringing one plastic tote of projects, a sewing machine, a serger, my knitting, AND having fabric shipped to their house.  Oh, and I need my reference books.  I'm a compulsive researcher.  If the littlest thing strikes my fancy I can spend hours reading up on it.  So, here are my research books I'm bringing with (I have other ones waiting for me at the library in town)

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