Thursday, February 6, 2014

Home EC...homesteading economics.

I'm starting an on-going challenge to post tidbits and how to's on the how what and whys of homesteading.  Despite growing up in the country on a 'farm', I feel like I've had a ton to learn, and still have miles to go.  I'm also going to be hosting guest bloggers on this, since I am, admittedly, not an expert in much. is the first tidbit:

When it comes to being a woman, but having to break open livestock water in the winter, don't do it the way men do.  Men go out with their BFH (big friggin hammers, for those of you who didn't grow up in the Midwest) and bash away.  That's how I've been doing it.  Until today that is. Today I had to shovel a foot of snow off the top of the water before breaking it open.  Rather than walk the extra 10 steps back to a scoop shovel, I grabbed my garden spade.  Turns out it works great for breaking ice up.  In fact, it works better than the sledge.  I was able to break more ice open than in the last couple weeks, and then scoop the ice out of the water as well. 

It's the little things...


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