Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Attempting gluten.

Now that January, and my attempts at limiting foods are over, I'm going in the opposite direction. We've been gluten free for 10 months, and Paleo for about 9 of them.  I'd like to try reintroducing grains into our diet again, because we miss breads.  I'm still very cautious about gluten, as they led to stomach upset and cavities for Braeden last year. 
The cavities are healed (another post is coming on that subject), but the stomach upset still lingers.  Grains don't affect him nearly as bad as soy does, so we're experimenting with reintroducing soured and sprouted grains.
 I made a sour dough starter with the flour from my cupboard, so it's definitely not fresh.  I've been experimenting with biscuits and pancakes.  I'm slowly getting my chops back when it comes to baking with gluten, however Braeden's stomach doesn't seem to be appreciating it.  My wheat berries are sprouted, and going in the dehydrator today, so hopefully some freshly ground sprouted, and then soured grain will sit better with him. 
I also still have spelt and rye flour in the pantry to experiment with.  I'm hopeful we can find something that his gut will tolerate, so we can have 'normal' baked goods now and then. 

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