Friday, December 10, 2010

The vaccination debate

Since we're having a baby, I've been doing lots of research on alternatives to lots of things. Everything from homebirths to co-sleeping. Tonight I'm starting the long trek down the vaccination road. There is so much contradicting information out there!
My family has allergic reactions to some vaccines so I definitely am wary about them! I know that I've read some blogs where people have discussed their views. If anyone has any info out there on the truth behind vaccines I'd truly appreciate it getting passed on. Most of my research has come up with government websites, and honestly after reading the CDC's views on homebirths I'm not too keen on what they have to say.

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  1. Jenny, please look at, Dr. Tenpenny has good info, "How to raise a healthy child in spite of your Doctor" by Dr. Mendelsohn (actually he wrote a few good books!) and look at the CDC recommendations and the studies they site and then back track who funded the studies. Very enlightening! I did this research for my brother and his wife a few years ago and it will really surprise you. Good luck and as Dr. Tenpenny says "illnesses come and go but brain damage and death last a lifetime"