Saturday, January 15, 2011

just a lil post

to say that I haven't done anything blog worthy in awhile...but I hope to soon! I'm getting the itch to sew again, mainly because I have a looming deadline. I figure that most of what needs to be finished for the summer needs to be finished before spring if it's going to be finished at all! This means 3 things.
1. I need to finish clearing off my interim sewing desk.
2. I need to finish my mending pile before I start a new project.
3. I need to go into my unheated sewing room to find fabric...and it's a scary mess up there!

I feel like I've been constantly getting yelled at to slow down and stop doing physical things lately (luckily none of this has come from my midwives) so today I'm taking it fairly easy. Hopefully I'll finish at least #1, maybe even #2 on my list tonight. That is after I do barn chores and make supper.

P.S. there has been talk of picking up our sew alongs where we left off last summer!

1 comment:

  1. I want to sew too!! But all my sewing things have been in storage for over a year. I'm worried I'm going to be pretty rusty when the time comes to start a new project.