Saturday, October 24, 2009

a timeline

My wonderful husband booked me a flight down to see him in Florida! The only hitch in the plan being that I fly back the day I'm supposed to leave for the Harvest Ball. That put my sewing into overdrive, and unfortunately I came up with the great idea of making one more thing before then. My list as of now consists of:
New chemise and drawers for me
3 new petticoats, one tucked
a bertha and tucker for my ballgown, along with resetting my waistband
helping Katie make her chemise and dress
making up a real set of drawers to go with the previous post
a wrapper
two nightgowns, from two different patterns
a white sheer party dress with plaid ribbon
replace the bottom rung on my cage, and 2 bones in my corset

So far I have this accomplished:
a pattern for one of the two nightgowns
the white party dress half way started
a pattern for the men's drawers

And I have 10 days to get it finished! yipes! Good thing I don't have a real job right now! Tomorrow I plan to finish the majority of the white dress(I'm waiting on the trim and hook and eye tape to come in the mail), cut out one of the nightgowns and pattern the other, fix my cage and corset, and hopefully start the 3 petticoats. I'll update, hopefully with photos of what I've accomplished. Wish me luck!

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