Friday, July 4, 2014

Feeding a family of 4, part one: Gardening.

This is the first part of a who knows how long series on the numbers it would take to mostly feed a family of four off a homestead.  Today's post really is just a list I have compiled after paying attention to what and how much our family eats.  This list is specific to my family, in that we very rarely eat grains.  Due to this limitation our vegetable intake is much higher than a family on the Standard American Diet.  It also includes enough to preserve or store for cold weather consumption.

Artichoke 15 plants
Arugula 20 plants
Asparagus 100 roots
Beets 80 plants
Broccoli 20 plants
Brussels Sprouts 20 plants
Cabbage 32 plants
Carrots 150 plants
Collards 12 plants
Cucumbers 100 plants
Garlic 64 plants
Horseradish 4 plants
Kale 50 plants
Lettuce 50 plants
Onions 100 plants
Parsnips 40 plants
Peas 240 plants
Peppers 24 plants
Potatoes 50 plants
Radish 60 plants
Rhubarb 20 plants
Spinach 100 plants
Summer Squash 10 plants
Winter Squash 5 plants
Sweet Potato 40 plants
Swiss Chard 20 plants
Cherry Tomato 25 plants
Cooking Tomato 35 plants
Slicing Tomato 20 plants
Turnips 40 plants

My garden needs to get much larger to accommodate all of this.  However it is a long term goal, and something I work towards every year. 

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