Monday, June 9, 2014

I am a stay at home mom.

There, I wrote it.  To me it feels like I am JUST a stay at home mom.  Like that isn't enough. Wrangling one kid, or two, or ten.  It's enough.  Man is it enough.  It's hard mostly thankless work.  Yet, there is this voice that burrows it's way into my thoughts.  It says 'you're not doing enough'.  Work harder, do more, sleep less.
So I try.  Man do I try to do it all.  I cook 3+ meals a day.  95% of the time they're completely from scratch.  I do projects with the boys (which reminds me, I need to decide on Father's day gifts to make with them).  I garden.  I preserve.  I raise chickens.  I make our own self-care products.  I sew. I knit. I clean this big old house.  With help, I moderate an online facebook community dedicated to Elimination Communication. I volunteer with the PAC of our local play group.  I try to find time to ride my horses.  I read as much as I can.  I have a life outside of family...kinda. 
I think I've been asked once in 3 years about what I do.  It was a couples question, directed at both my husband and I.  My answer was one sentence "I just stay home with the boys".  My husband was able to hold a 30 minute conversation about what he does.
There I was, out for the evening with the hubby and boys.  Still just taking care of them, while Peter was engrossed in conversation about all the nifty things he does. 
I want to be okay with taking care of my kids, because it's awesome.  I'm so blessed to be able to stay  home and raise these boys.  I'm not going to ask people 'what do you do' anymore when I'm making small talk.  From now on I'm going to ask 'what are your interests?'.  Let's see where that takes us.  So...

What are your interests?


  1. Hey girl. It's Leslie. Sounds to me you're pretty super human. I only have the energy to do like a third of what you do. Don't feel like you need to do more, you're already super mom. Now I'm the one that needs to step my game up lol.

  2. Oh Leslie dear, we all do a lot! It's easier to see what others do and feel inadequate than to truly appreciate all that we do. I don't feel like I NEED to do more, just that I NEED more time to do what I do. Having more energy and 5 extra hours in my day would be nice.