Friday, April 15, 2011

which would you choose?

Still no baby! I'm going a bit nutty with waiting, and the phone calls and messages from friends every day asking where the baby is aren't helping my patience.  I've been cleared to do as much activity as I want because I'm measuring 2.5 weeks ahead and the midwives are predicting that this little bundle isn't going to be so little!
My sewing machine is having issues with the tension or something, and for the life of me I can't figure it out.  It only happens if I use a newer Coats and Clark spool of thread. The thread doesn't come smoothly off the all of a sudden will spin like crazy and several inches will come off and wrap around the medal spindaly-thing that holds the spool.  My husband is going to take it in to a repair shop as a birthday gift for me, but the nearest repair shop is almost an hour away.  Needless to say, we're waiting until we have another reason to head in that direction. 
I've been hand-sewing some, but not too much.  I've finished the nursing pillow cover, and will have my version of a hooter-hider finished tonight.  I have burp cloths and diaper covers left to finish at some point.  I don't know which is more important to have right away.  I have 2 diaper covers that were given to me, and quite a few hand towels that could be used as burp cloths.
Which would you recommend I work on next?


  1. Diaper covers DEFINITELY! Breastfed baby poop is *highly* explosive and you'll go through covers like crazy. :D I won't nag you, but I do check on you every day to see if the reluctant baby has made its appearance yet.

  2. Diaper covers it is! I have them all cut out, and the weekend to myself so I'll hopefully get a few done.
    This little one is sure as stubborn as I am, 8+ days of contractions and still no baby to show for it. I gave up waiting until after the baby got here and went for a horseback ride today. That sure got the contractions going, but I'm sure they won't last. Or, maybe they will since my hubby has plans to work out of town this weekend :)