Sunday, March 6, 2011

I really want to sew!

19th century clothing...for little ones, or my husband, or really anyone but me. I'd sew for myself but my ribcage has *gasp!* increased by at least an inch, maybe two. I'm already fretting that the dresses I have won't fit.  I have lots of little ones I can sew for, including my own *squee!* and darling husband sure needs clothing but I'm forcing myself to finish making my cloth diapers and covers.
I'm about half way through my goal of fleece pre-fold diapers, and haven't even started on the covers yet.  I've tried knitting some woolen soakers, but I get frustrated and rip it all out.  I'd like to get at least 3 covers knitted as well.  There are multitudes of baby things that need to be sewn before I can move on to the want to be sewn items.  Sigh...I'm half way considering cutting back my hours at work (that have already been cut in half) just so I can have more time to sew. 
Also, I really would like to post photos of what I have sewn, but our internet connection is so poor that it is impossible to load a photo onto blogger.  Hopefully I'll get up the ambition and time to go to the local coffee shop and post some other blog is desperately in need of some updating as well!
Off to sew!

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