Sunday, November 21, 2010

a couple things

Although most of my time has been spent working on house projects, I have worked on a couple things.

A scarf I started this time last year, but it got lost amongst the moving boxes for months, and another one that will hopefully be a Christmas gift;

an Alice in Wonderland costume, that I didn't get photos of; this one was for a pony club Halloween costume contest. Very little sewing, but a lot of imagination with two wonderful little girls;Most recently I've been working on my homemaking skills. They definitely need work. I'm trying to come to grips with not contributing 50% of the income. This is something that both my husband and I had talked about, and I thought I was going to like being a stay at home wife, at least part time. I'm having trouble feeling like I contribute enough. Mainly because when I go to work a couple hours at the farm in the morning, my husband cleans. He cleans much better than I do, and I feel quite guilty about not holding my own. I do the majority of the household shopping, and all the cooking and mending. I just really need to get on top of the cleaning aspect of it.
Baking isn't quite my thing yet. I can make cookies like no one's business, did a halfway decent cake for Peter's birthday back in may, and have okay pies...but bread scares me. I've never made an edible pizza crust, and my first pumpkin bread just plain didn't turn out. This is a crafty project I dreamed up, eventually it will be an advent calendar. I'll try to do a separate post on how to make the pieces. It's really turning out to be easy as pie

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