Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'm going to Boscobel!!!

The town of Boscobel, WI hosts the biggest event in midwest mainstream reenacting, and I'm leaving in just over an hour to go! We're flying in tonight to see family, and Peter works the state fair on Sunday. So I've been hurriedly sewing up a storm, I've lost weight, and didn't realize it until just a few days ago. None of my stuff fits anymore! I've altered my silk skirt and sheer waist. My sheer dress bodice is in my needs to be regathered and repiped. I also have a white sheer bodice to repipe and reattach to it's skirt. Oh and if I can remember, and have time, I really need to cut out a new chemise. I have to finish hand stitching eyelets into my swiss waist, hem a neckerchief, attach a waistband to my work petti and hem it, and finish up one little secret project. Then figure out how to pack it all into a carry on! I've used one space saver bag already. Well I have to run if I'm going to finish.

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